choking0ndaisies said: Ugh I totally feels you, it's like even when I'm Skinny I'm not skinny because I'm bloated all the time, it really does suck but I can't really Change my diet without having cardo change his too cuz were so broke lmao, I'm trying to get food stamps So then I can get whatever I want and hopefully feel Normal again.

ya. i feel you. my boyfriend has been great about cooking for me twice as much as he used to. you know how much i love my gluten girl. literally all i have now is peanut butter to console myself with.

like i went grocery shopping: six different types of crackers, fruits on fruits on fruits, ranch(hidden valley tastes like heaven and gluten free), cereal, breakfast bars, salami, cheese for DAYS, lots of supplies for mexican food. and boom 75$ later. Im pissed off gluten freee from the WALMART GROCERY store is so overpriced. and i actually stooped to buying produce from there for the first time since I felt so bad about making my mom buy all this shit.

but i started gluten free while she was outta town last weekend. lol that was horrible. i literally ate everything i could and made my bf take care of me.


Contact lens that was stuck in the eyelid for 10 years
Its not just about sex… Don’t get me wrong sex is fucking great… But when you have a connection with someone… When you feel so strong for someone… Just a kiss is enough to make your knees weak… You just cant beat that… (via acceptvnce)